a fresh start in the same place

JB is the real hero of our story, don’t let my bitching fool you.  He let me move in with him, with all hundred boxes of stuff from my apartment, and for the last month I have been sifting through Continue reading a fresh start in the same place


This morning I stepped on the scale.  115 pounds.  ugghhh…. I can feel it in my body, see it in the way my clothes are fitting.  Feeling short of breath at the top of the third flight of stairs, still Continue reading pudge

on the subject of wine

If you have MTHFR you shouldn’t drink.  Period.  I haven’t had a drink since Friday night, except for a glass of sacramental wine on Sunday.  I know, I know… It’s only Tuesday, and this morning my hands were shaking when Continue reading on the subject of wine