green lights and empty parking spaces

I told JB not to buy me anything for mother’s day. “Instead just write me something”, I told him. ” I like the things you write”. Here’s what he wrote: I’m married to a flawed and imperfect woman. How do you Continue reading green lights and empty parking spaces

a daily dose of God

The last few nights have been emotionally difficult. It is hard to be alone when I am married. We celebrated our one month anniversary with a phone call. Is this what I signed up for? Playing house on the weekends Continue reading a daily dose of God

just breathe

Session with my therapist today, who had two questions: What would it take to have the courage to face my anxiety without resorting to dysfunctional coping behaviors? What is my plan if my needs cannot be met in my new life? Continue reading just breathe

a very mormon weekend

It was LDS general conference this weekend.  JB and I spent the last two days on our bed (did you catch that?  OUR bed) listening to parts of all four sessions, with my laptop streaming the video feed from Continue reading a very mormon weekend

on the subject of wine

If you have MTHFR you shouldn’t drink.  Period.  I haven’t had a drink since Friday night, except for a glass of sacramental wine on Sunday.  I know, I know… It’s only Tuesday, and this morning my hands were shaking when Continue reading on the subject of wine