stuff stuff stuff

Lately I feel squished in the house so today I did my best to do some purging, starting with the kitchen.  I deleted extra pans and plastic bowls without lids.  Things we’ve never used since I moved here, like a warped pizza peel.  Some empty beer bottles that I was saving to bottle wine in, and a couple of decorative things that I found in rentals.

But my makeup drawers… I went through them, hoping to convince myself to toss the greatest part of what is in there.  Lipstick from when I lived in Idaho, and I moved in 1993.  No kidding…  Eyeshadows from ten or more years ago.  I did toss the cup that has been holding an eyeliner sharpener for the last twenty years, mostly because I haven’t sharpened an eyeliner pencil in at least five years.  I tossed an eyeshadow that was horribly cheap and difficult to apply, but that was it.

I’m considering the fate of my collection of throw pillows.  Some time ago I got out the purple ones that were always on my bed in my previous single life and they spend more time being stacked somewhere than accenting our bed.  I asked my daughter if she wanted the bed set and she does, so I want to get it bagged up before I change my mind.

It’s supposed to rain and snow the rest of the week, which means it would be the perfect time to get some more organizing done.   And tomorrow is trash day.  I could fill up the bin.  What a challenge!

In other news, my mother found me three dozen half gallon canning jars for $1 each.  One step forward, two steps back?  Right now they are on the sewing room shelves because I don’t know where else to put them.  Am I hopeless?

I’ve read this over and reminded myself that I cleared out three boxes of stuff from the kitchen.  It is progress.

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