my friend vino

two nights without a drink. this is progress, right?

I am up at least ten pounds. Jeans getting tight, and craving sugar and carbs and eating everything in sight, for weeks now. I don’t quite understand the momentum behind a binge of this proportion.


On top of that, I have noticed a real increase in alcohol tolerance. Where it used to be only a glass or so of wine to put me into a full buzz, the other night I was on my third glass and barely feeling the effects. I have been waking up with the shakes and thinking about drinking a lot, even at work, or while driving, or first thing in the morning.

Can I push myself into baby steps? No alcohol, cutting carbs, going for a walk, drinking water, and taking my meds? Even as I type this out the brat inside my head thinks the next 100 days should be 100 days of whatever the hell I want.

Why care?

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