July 22, 2014

Tried my first dose of greens powder Sunday.  Going from previous experience I opted for 1/3 scoop in a half cup of water kefir as carrier.  It had a pleasant taste, slightly gritty.  In an hour I will take the Candex and 30 minutes later the probiotic.

I am determined to step up my cleanse activities, watch and log my diet carefully, and get regular exercise and sleep.  Healing must take priority.


To bed at 9 pm.  My house has extra people and I am feeling very anti social.  Been chilly all morning, despite my office being 75 degrees.  I have the space heater going and it is now 77*.  I am still cold.  This morning I took the Candex, then a probiotic, and just now another partial dose of Greens in water kefir.  It is an odd sweet flavor and makes me a little queasy.  Just about through my first quart of water for the day.

My mood has been up and down all day. Fairly focused and on task for 10 hours. I bounce around the feelings of utter failure, catastrophe, and stuck-ness, and wanting to walk away from my life. How to downsize this lifestyle I like and think I deserve to something more cost efficient.

I actually walked for a mile around the building tonight. Came home to a dish of instant potatoes and now I am in bed. No bedtime supplements, no toothbrush. Just quiet darkness.

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