July 20, 2014

Meeting with my doctor on Wednesday resulted in scheduling closer follow up for the next two months, once per month.  She got after me for not adhering to all of her directions, which are supposed to start healing the gut and clearing  candida.  I picked up the Greens chlorella from the pharmacy and the Candex and Homocystex arrived.  I still have not picked up the appropriate probiotic.

I have been taking the Candex as often as I can remember, along with the probiotic, (not the one recommended).  I have not yet started taking the Greens or scheduled the lymph massage as she requested.  She wanted me to see an adrenal fatigue doctor and I have set up an appointment on Wednesday with a holistic chiropractor instead to go over food and supplement sensitivities first.

I am very fatigued and a little happier this week.  My anxiety levels seem increased, probably due to time constraints.   I have often felt bloated and gassy and have taken Gas-X a number of times because it works faster than peppermint oil. Elimination has recently changed from the months of constipation throughout the spring time to 3-5 times a day, welcome change.  I have no idea why this is better.

Last night I did some heavy drinking, a beer and 4 shots of rum, but assuming the B12 and water gave me some help did not wake up with a hangover.  I did wake up to ringing in my ears, the right especially, which is continuing but not as bad as the morning.  It is hard to hear.  This went away by the end of the day.

I have been doing 0.5 ML methylcobalamine injections daily in the mid afternoon.  I think it helps.

My milk kefir is tasting better, and I am mixing it with water kefir and carrot juice to take my supplements.  I have the feeling the increased dairy is causing issues.  I picked up some milk and will be making some yogurt.  I know, odd choice, but we shall see.

I have no motivation except low self esteem for any kind of physical activity and have been unable to motivate myself to do much this week.  However, twice I have gone for a walk after work and this seems to affect my mood in a positive way but my energy levels negatively.

The cystic acne is getting a little bit better.  I have been trying hard to do progesterone cream 3 times per day and estrogen cream every night, hoping to bring up the levels enough by saturation of the tissues for a more stable delivery.

I had an interview for a different position at work, which has the potential to greatly increase my anxiety and stress, but is also night shift.  I should find out in a week or so about the results.

In an attempt to reduce aluminum and fluoride, I have switched my antiperspirant to Toms’s deodorant and toothpaste to Redmond Earthpaste.

I have been unable to do clay baths or saunas.  My roommate lightly rubs my legs for my most evenings for 30-40 minutes, and I have been able to do a little skin brushing.  I have been able to shower a bit more often this week and wear clean clothes to work.  I have been eating more.  My weight continues to climb, now 117.2 pounds.  I appear bloated and my legs are noticeably heavier.  Got the comment that I am looking healthier, that a year ago I was too thin.  My clothes are all very snug at this point.

I made some decisions (yay me!) and deleted a few items from the kitchen and bathroom, and made a place to keep all of my injection supplies.

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