It was spring for 24 hours last week

…and we took advantage of every moment.  My husband has been building me some permanent perennial planting boxes in the yard, and I am itching to move forward with gardening and planting.  If only the vision for the garden could coalesce.  We (JB) built two lovely 12 foot beds in the front yard and we planted three varieties of grapevine in them.  Two of the bare root plants were half off because they weren’t heartily budding.  Today one has true leaves forming and the other has several new bulging buds, so the grapevine angels are at work.  Fingers crossed that they will continue to do well!

Yesterday JB built the second berry box and mixed soil, compost, and rotted manure.  Half the bed will be blackberries, which I purchased last week.  The other half may be more red raspberries, since a dozen bare root plants are $35 and I was planning to buy three potted canes for about as much.

I’m again hesitant about what to do next with the yard.  I want the yard to be whimsical and delightful to visit, yet I also want to make the most of our rectangular lot.  We have many areas with a lot of shade and it is becoming evident that careful plant selection is needed or some plants don’t do well.  What I don’t want is a long corridor lined with plants.  I want curves and surprises, softened edges, and a cottage garden feel, but I am at a loss for how to create it.

I’ve been looking at Little Free Library plans.  When the ash trees in the front yard are removed it would be fun to use one of the stumps as a stand for the library box.  All that is needed is for the trees to be cut down.  I want to plant roses but can’t see where they would have sufficient sunlight to bloom.  I’d like to plant lilacs and more fruit trees.  Oh, to be best friends with a landscaper!

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