How about a clothesline?

It’s getting to be spring.  I have lots on my to-do list right now.

  • Get KL’s room cleared and walls washed and painted and move the office into it.
  • Get the extra bedroom downstairs emptied, walls washed, and painted.  I’m thinking of making that room into an exercise area, with some floor mats and a big mirror on the wall.
  • With warmer weather and no toddlers as an excuse, it’s time that I stopped being lazy and got a clotheslines rigged in the basement so that we stop using the dryer.
  • Plan my vegetable garden so that I can get seeds started and get the soil tilled.

The clothesline would be a fast and easy project, and it fits the model of self sufficiency on which JB and I would like to focus.  I can see myself not air drying if any other option still exists, so I plan to unplug our electric dryer so that there is no choice but to comply.  I grew up in a home with no electric clothes dryer and seven siblings.  My mom had four huge clotheslines in the back yard to take care of the wash, so this isn’t a new concept for me.  Hopefully I can get the drying room ready for JB to hook up some lines in a few days!

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