Day 68 – more puzzle pieces

Today meeting with Medicine Woman was good. She recommended I get an appointment with a local endocrinologist to help with thyroid and more specifics. We discussed adrenals, kidneys, and thyroid. Home to Google and try to remember what I am learning.

Here is the theory from what has been coming up over and over lately:

I have high levels of unmetabolized folic acid in my system. For years I had bacterial vaginosis. I tried everything, nothing helped. I started taking folic acid supplements daily and at first it was a miracle drug, but then it stopped working. I thought it was because I stopped taking it. Each time I would resume the folic acid supplements, it helped for a shorter perdiod of time, until it stopped helping entirely. Because I have MTHFR, folic acid is toxic to me, and it is something I must avoid in supplements and also in foods.  This is something I continue to research how to detoxify.


This is something that has been cropping up in my research lately.  Low stomach acid affects a number of things, the ability to digest protein (I was a vegetarian for many years) and impairing iron absorption.  And guess who is anemic?   How do I fix this?  Apple Cider Vinegar.

I love apple cider vinegar, it makes the world’s best drink, which I stopped drinking three months ago because it HVC stands for raw Honey, raw apple cider Vinegar, and Cayenne. This would be the best choice for taking all of my supplements, and it is an options I like a lot.

Adrenals need Progesterone!  Increasing my progesterone cream may well help with adrenal.

Another possibililty is H. Pilori, which can be treated with ACV, oregano oil (yes, I have still been using that), coconut oil, clove (the main ingredient in the Paratosin), bentonite clay (got to figure out how to take that nasty stuff), and high doses of vitamin C and vitamin D.

Helping the thyroid comes from magnesium, zion, selenium, iodine, and tyrosine (from getting enough protein, which I am not, and am probably not absorbing due to not enough stomach acid.  Reducing histamine levels.  Low levels of thyroxine lead to low B2, slowing the MTHR enzyme activity.

Histamine Intolerance, which is something I deal with to a certain extent (although I think it is more a factor of gut dysbiosis than anything…  Reminders:  Highly processed and fermented foods (oh, my kefir and yogurt….), cheese, yeast, spinach, and tomatoes.  All foods that I CRAVE.

Citrus fruits release histamine bound to mast cells.  High doses of vitamin C and vitamin B6 stimulate DOA activity.  DOA supplements can also help.  Methylation clears histamine.

The question is this:  Would using lemon juice give me more problems with histamine?  Chocolate causes high histamine.  Sugar gives issues with stomach acid, and contributes to adrenal fatigue.  Guess who was eating chocolate last night….

My brain is foggy this weekend and it is hard to create a coherent stream of thought.  I have taken quite a few notes and none make a lot of sense now.  It must be time for a B12 injection.   My anger peaked a bit ago.  I cooked a butternut squash and had some, now I have bloating.  Maybe that is from the yogurt and protein powder, who knows.  As I was writing, I could not believe how many times I wrote the letters in the wrong order.

Detox strategies I am considering:

coffee enema

Skin Brushing

Castor Oil packs

High dose vitamin C

Fiber supplement

Bentonite clay


Fresh Lemon Juice

Apple Cider Vinegar

Charcoal (Takesium)



Oregano essential oil

Daily Energy Clearing

I am just so tired and confused….. Need to eat and don’t want to.  Craving chocolate, want to make chocolate pudding and eat the whole thing.  Frustrated that I didn’t get any from the store today and I had the chance but forgot.  I don’t want my weekend to be over and tomorrow is Sunday.

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