Cloraseptic, Anyone?

I’m not sure why this grunge is lingering.  Still a sore throat, easing up during the day.  Today was fasting labs so I came home and made lunch.  Seasoned chicken and green beans – one of my favorite #budgetnutrition meals.  Decided that some potatoes would help the tired with higher carbs.  That was a nooooo……   Maybe it was the cheese and the sour cream on them.  I have seen references to instant potato flakes being high histamine as well.   Sore throat was back right after eating, along with a headache.  I took all of my supplements with a cup of kefir and decided to call it a day.

Looking up the potatoes led me to information on the Failsafe diet, which is a protocol designed to uncover sensitivities to salycilates, amines, glutamate, and additives.  This could be helpful information in a few months.  My current elimination diet probably comes fairly close to what would be needed to run this protocol.  The tired achy blah feeling for the last four days is compelling to keep up my hunt for what works and what doesn’t.

Today it occurred to me that I have largely gone off of all my detox supplements.  I will be adding those back to see if they help.  I am currently only taking the Thorne Undecyn antifungal once a day, no probiotics except the kefir.  I have an appointment with Dr Foster on Wednesday.  She will probably have much to say about this.

Other changes I have made in supplements has been to increase the amount of fish oil to 2 capsules every time I take it, aiming for 3 times a day.  I am not even eating three times a day so who am I kidding, right?  It has been hard to get in any vitamin C, and my usual supplement intake has often been only once a day rather than the 2-3 times per day split that the large doses require.

Sleep – insomnia seems to be back full on but could partly be due to work load and stress from not getting things caught up.

Energy – Frustratingly no recent walks, none today either with feeling so yuck.  It has been since Thursday for any activity.

Focus – Brain function doesn’t seem to be worse than usual.  I am doing my best to manage distractions.  Spending less time thinking about what is missing in my life (a relationship) and more on me, me, me, me…. Taking care of me.

Mood – Today stress about my daughter brought me to tears on the way to work but I shook it off and had a passable day.  Overall anxiety is higher than normal with a lot of it connected to work overload.  My happiness factor is lower as well.  Not much smiling going on except where Leo is concerned.

Food – I am bored of eating what I am eating, yet it is obviously helping in many  ways.  The next couple of weeks I plan to start the transition into testing various foods for sensitivities.  Eggs are high on my list to get back into my diet as well as testing kefir and yogurt.  These things remain very questionable as to whether they give me problems and I really don’t want to have to eliminate them completely.

Sugar Detox / Candida cleanse – Except for occasional forays into high starch vegetables and the kefir, I am doing pretty well here.  The cravings are reduced and manageable.  I am using small amounts of sugar in my kefir, probably not helping to make this 100% successful.  95% elimination of sugar and fruit continues since the first of August.

Coffee and Alcohol – continued sobriety.  One cup of coffee last week, couldn’t sleep at all the night after drinking it.

Social Media –
I am using Instagram to post my meal pics with the user name Tetonia35.
Posting weight progress to Weilos, kind of an interesting app.
Not a lot of pictures to put into my 365Project. I want to start taking better photos. I have missed half the month at this point.
Facebook remains disabled.
Texting – almost nonexistent. I’m lonely and want to reopen my Match account…. It’s not time and I know it. Heal first. One step at a time.

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