This morning I stepped on the scale.  115 pounds.  ugghhh…. I can feel it in my body, see it in the way my clothes are fitting.  Feeling short of breath at the top of the third flight of stairs, still Continue reading pudge

my friend vino

two nights without a drink. this is progress, right? I am up at least ten pounds. Jeans getting tight, and craving sugar and carbs and eating everything in sight, for weeks now. I don’t quite understand the momentum behind a Continue reading my friend vino

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. If felt good. It was very quiet, no waiting for machines. The music was softer than in the mornings. My plan is to go every night after Continue reading

I did good! Calories: 1450 and, according to my log, right on. No sugar. A dish a strawberries to snack on thru the day.Got my vitamins taken! I just didn’t get my walk in. But I did go right to Continue reading

Day One

Wednesday: Successful. Didn’t do everything I wanted and wasn’t perfect but I had… At least a quart of waterA large bowl of raw veggiesTwo meals2 cookies1 square of chocolateCalories: 1183No “exercise” but we did run errands and went for a Continue reading Day One