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For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with the past – vintage, yesteryear, nostalgia.  I’ve kept diaries and journals, stored memorabilia, and saved thousands of photos to document the passage of time.  What I write here is purely for my own pleasure and to count my blessings.  So what might you find in Postcards From Life?

You may discover what I currently finding fascinating, joyful, or sometimes irritating.  I set goals and record progress and inevitable failures.  Life changes, challenges, and brings satisfaction.  I sometimes add back content and photos to flesh out the story of my journey.

MTHFR is a focus of my attention. (I have two mutations.)  For a long time I felt depressed, anxious, overworked, and was using very dysfunctional ways of dealing with that.  2014/2015 details some of the most difficult moments of my life.

Like most women, I have body image issues, food and nutrition obsessions, and a never-ending desire to be fit, beautiful, and forever young.  I also love chocolate, which is probably at odds with the previous statement.

I have written about being eternally single.  After four months of dating, suddenly I was engaged to JB and married two weeks later.  I quit my job and moved from a big city to a small town, to JB’s loved-to-death rambler, where we started to fix it up.  I turned 50, and JB and I inherited a baby.  And now we are working on a more simple, sustainable lifestyle.

JB was my high school sweetheart, but after graduation we went on to our separate journeys.  God brought us back together again in 2014, with experiences that help us love and appreciate each other in ways that might never have been possible otherwise.  We have a traditional Christian marriage, one that we hope is centered in Christ.  For the first time in my life I’m a real wife, an apron wearing, stay at home, tending the garden, cooking and cleaning homemaker, and it’s pure joy!  Together we have 10 children (6 his and 4 mine) and 4 grandchildren.

Thank you for reading.  You are welcome to return, to comment, and perhaps we might become friends.



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