A daily cup with Mrs. JB

It was a really bad day for starting something in one room and walking into another room, and starting something else and walking into another room, and starting something else, then walking back to the first room and noticing that I had begun folding clothes and not finished, and still needed to brush my teeth, and had put dishes to soak in the sink, and got the broom out to sweep the floors, and then decided that the kitchen needed decluttering, and my glass of water was empty in the office, and my teeth still weren’t brushed, and Leo was tossing my clean laundry on the floor.

My daughter asked if she could have the little aloe vera plant that I found in a rental last year.  Back then it was a tiny thing in a tiny four inch pot.  Home it came and received lots of neglect, yet over the last year it has grown three new shoots and the original plant has become much too big for the pot any more.  So in the midst of dishes and laundry and decluttering my daughter got me started repotting all of my house plants.  I kept the smallest aloe pup in the original pot and she put the rest into a larger pot to take to her new house.

I also repotted the pothos my father gave me two years ago.  Some time back I stuck several leafless stems into a vase of water (that has even been kept topped off fairly well) and they have rooted.  All the pothos plants went into a single bigger pot together, since I like compact, bushy pothos and not the long stringy, wind-around-the-room pothos.  I also repotted two geranium plants that were purchased as bitty air plants last summer and for whatever reason are still alive.

It rained this afternoon.  The sewing room carpet that had been airing in the yard for the last 24 hours and is now on the basement steps.  As for yard work, the new transplants are looking pretty good but the grapes don’t appear to be growing much.

Summer is my busy time of year.  With yard work and food preservation I am often incredibly weary by the end of the day.  I’ve decided to make a few changes to the house to make it easier to keep things tidy this summer.  Today I moved some of the decorative items from the kitchen counters so I will have more working area.  I plan to streamline the rest of the house until after harvest time.  Perhaps by then I will have some fresh ideas for how I want the house to look.

My husband hung up a little spice cupboard for me today by the kitchen door.  It will hold tincture bottles.  It’s fairly ratty, purchased from a thrift store for a couple of dollars mainly for the spice bottles that were inside of it.  I would like to paint it.

I’m not feeling well today.  I have a sore throat, and my legs are very swollen since it was a day without compression socks.  The area where the last gum graft was done is hypersensitive.  Lately I ache so much that sleeping hurts.

Breakfast was a dish of Frosted Mini Wheats in whole milk.

Lunch was a piece of cheese and half of Leo’s ham sandwich.

Dinner was rice with vegetable beef curry (not gluten free) and watermelon.

I’ve been eating chocolate.

Not drinking enough water.

No vitamins.

That sums it up nicely.

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