Even more rain

Another day of pouring rain.  I’ve had a number of outside chores to do on my list including getting the garden planted.  At this rate nothing can happen for at least another week.  Next year…  Next year the soil should be in good enough condition to take advantage of early planting.   Meanwhile, the weeds are beginning to overtaking everything.

I made a casserole for a church funeral today.  We ate a second casserole for dinner with a nice green salad.  I also made a batch of vanilla ice cream with the vanilla base that was cooked up on Saturday.  I love it with a big spoonful of homemade strawberry jam on top.

I have much bottled food from last year we still have not eaten.  A lot of this is because the basement food storage area is poorly… inadequately… utterly lacking in organization.  Things are better than they were two years ago but improvement is still needed.  I have no idea where some things are.  I used a package of frozen roast beef in the potato casserole today, and the two dishes used up six fresh potatoes and three large onions.  The #25 bag of onions I purchased a couple of months ago is determined to sprout, so we are adding quite a bit of onion to every meal to get them used up.  I suppose that I could chop and freeze what remains.

I read a gardening blog tonight and the suggestion was to use a dry erase pen on the freezer door to keep track of the amount of supplies.  Since we have a chest freezer that’s not practical, but I thought about using this format on paper to easily keep track of what goes in and out of the freezer.  The first line represents the number of packages added to the freezer, and the second line is the number of packages being removed.  This would also work well for tracking the bottled food.

  • Ham portions XXXXXXXXXX
  • Ham portions XXX
  • Cherry preserves XXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Cherry preserves XXXXXX

It would be easy to mark with a Sharpie pen, and when the second line equals the first line the storage amount would be gone.

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